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Payment Terms of Service

Thank you for reading my blog. Are you willing to work together. Please place your order via contact form or email.

My payment terms of services are stated here.

1. Please pay at least 50% in advance of your daily budget or 25% of your weekly or monthly budget. 
2. I prefer payment via paypal or moneybookers, or you can pay via direct bank transfer (NEFT) or Mobile Payment. In case of online payment kindly send me slip that your bank generates once payment made. Send the snapshot to my email.
3. If any time during the project, you will show dissatisfaction i will pay back for the particular period or project or part of project whichever shall be applicable. You can request for charge back.
4. Kindly keep checking your project files on regular intervals, I need your feedback for a submitted work within 24 hrs from submission, in case of unsatisfactory work, I will refund your money.

5. For pricing, please check My Prices

Sample Articles: If you want to see exclusive sample article for your specific requirements, please place your order for the same. Pricing is 1 USD per 100 words.

Thanks for reading this stuff, hope you are someone interested in working together. You are invited to get in touch and place your query, Contact Me.


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Information War, Personal Security and Me

Too much of anything is just bad. You cannot consume too much in your tummy, you cannot consume too much in your mind. I was never a social media person because if I don't know a person how can I interact and share my personal interests. However, at one point I worked for a social media company and created many accounts, written many social media guides and published online.
The noise that social media creates gives an illusion that you can make big things out of it. Though I never spend many hours on social media but I started sharing content on it, on and off, and with certainty I can say my own sites performed better without social sharing.
From my experiences I found going on many social channels means dilution of ideas. Because I am individual and not a company I cannot go to many social channels and create content. I don't have budget to appoint someone who can work for me on social media. If you are individual blogger like me and creating many social channels for sure…

Is push mail notification a non sense

Automation is good but is it reliable too?
For very long time Android phone was alien to me. But considering public demand of SEND ME Whatsapp rants lastly I invested in this idiot gadget.
Not more than 24 hours and I realized it's a complete waste of money given if you do not take too many photos and if you do not work in an android environment. But anyway hole was already burnt in my pocket.
Only one thing become easy for me that is reading email. I kept only emails on and relied on email notifications. However today no mails popped out. I thought may be everyone celebrating India's Republic Day.
I text message to CEO of reputed company regarding a pending email answer. He is a busy fellow. You can get him easily. Since matter was important I thought to give a text message.
Out of nothing I opened my email and found his reply which he did early morning.
Lesson learnt check your mail box manually before texting.

5 ways to get quality traffic on your website

Everyone wants quality,  so does you.  There is nothing wrong in seeking something good,  better or extraordinary.  What you sow is what you reap.  Quality traffic comes for quality content. What you publish shall answer a question  solve a problem or clear a doubt. 
Nobody want to read you because you can write it and you are dying to make money from advertising.
People read your content if it's worth and makes life easier. 
Any content that solve a problem makes the way to bookmarks.  It get recommendations without asking for it. 
Quality content is consumable. Here are 5 qualities of quality content
1. Its easy to understand
2. It enhance know how
3. It answers a question.
4. It has accurate facts and figures.
5. It has references to win trust.
If you have all this in your content, quality traffic will come. Quality traffic is when people look in your website,  appreciate its content and press for call to action.  There is no question of quality traffic without action…