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Payment Terms of Service

Thank you for reading my blog. Are you willing to work together. Please place your order via contact form or email.

My payment terms of services are stated here.

1. Please pay at least 50% in advance of your daily budget or 25% of your weekly or monthly budget. 
2. I prefer payment via paypal or moneybookers, or you can pay via direct bank transfer (NEFT) or Mobile Payment. In case of online payment kindly send me slip that your bank generates once payment made. Send the snapshot to my email.
3. If any time during the project, you will show dissatisfaction i will pay back for the particular period or project or part of project whichever shall be applicable. You can request for charge back.
4. Kindly keep checking your project files on regular intervals, I need your feedback for a submitted work within 24 hrs from submission, in case of unsatisfactory work, I will refund your money.

5. For pricing, please check My Prices

Sample Articles: If you want to see exclusive sample article for your specific requirements, please place your order for the same. Pricing is 1 USD per 100 words.

Thanks for reading this stuff, hope you are someone interested in working together. You are invited to get in touch and place your query, Contact Me.


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9 must contract clauses for freelancers

Freelancers are supposed like a machine that never get tired, do not have own life. Majority of business managers deals freelancers like that. They all are not wrong. For them what important is your work, they do not have human connection with you. Its directly give and take relationship. However, as a freelancer when you are about to sign a contract must include these points in your contract clause. If you client is serving a contract clause request to include these points in the clause.

1. Work description
Make a detailed work description point wise. What you will do. Best way to draft is listen your client and make sharp pointed notes. So your client and take agreement. Include this in the contract clause. This way you will delivery exactly what was asked not more not less. Also this will save you from trouble when a client suddenly want to change everything or seek to do more.

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In this part of continent 'India' bargain happens around everything. No matter how much you are honest in pricing the customer or how low you quote your price majority of consumers always think if they can get more for much less. Even if you offer a free stuff chances are you will be taken for granted. And you cannot control it. If you are a seller you cannot control the buyers behavior. But yes you can control the sellers behavior. No, not by changing the sellers attitude but by changing yourself.

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Convert … Convert … Convert…

If you are not converting your blog traffic, if your audiences are not asking you to write more and if they are not downloading your ebooks, then you are not blogging it right. Without conversion blogging is purposeless.

Blogging is most popular means of saying your words to public, getting attention and generating leads. Often many bloggers fail in converting traffic; sometimes they do not create a landing page or do it very casually. Result; very low level of conversion or none at all. Half of the bloggers are a fail because of purpose less blogging.