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Psychology of bargain

In this part of continent 'India' bargain happens around everything. No matter how much you are honest in pricing the customer or how low you quote your price majority of consumers always think if they can get more for much less. Even if you offer a free stuff chances are you will be taken for granted. And you cannot control it. If you are a seller you cannot control the buyers behavior. But yes you can control the sellers behavior. No, not by changing the sellers attitude but by changing yourself.

There is an old saying, 'beggars are not choosers', if you bargain too much, always ask for discount and always want to overuse others you are the person creating that non-sense majority. If you are serious buyer and you need that thing, you should have three questions when buying something: 1. Is this product useful for me, 2. How much it cost and 3. How much discount is offered. If all three things suits you buy it else leave and look for alternative option a different product a different service that suits your needs and pocket both.
I have seen people bargaining hours for few bucks, those are the people who don't value their time. By spending those few bucks which you feel may be saved you will save a lot of time plus you will build a person that is you who have value for time than money. This does not mean you pay blindly if you do that world will make you a beggar. You should be a conscious buyer who should the value of product for money.
In the first place no bargain will create you and also this will build a community around you. The sellers who serve you will refrain from cheating on you because they know you are the serious customer. Also your children, your domestic help, your coworkers will learn from you, the value of time and energy.
The people who bargain a lot in back of mind think that they have saved a lot of money but in practice they never they have picked a third grade product or service and also lost lot of time which is valuable.
Sir Richard Branson often say, time is the new money. Anything that build till today for human development has one thing in common, it saves lot of time. Technology is an investment towards saving time, its one factor that make people to learn and use technology.
The people who spend time in bargain have poor thinking inside their mind. I never found a miser rich. If you find one do put in cage and announce to the world 'come and see the biggest miser of the world for one coin. You will be richer in a moon day.
If you are a businessperson or intended to be one learn to save your time.


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