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Move out or move on,

 when no option is left?

Students of Mathematics knows that every problem has a solution; and, even no solution is a solution. You do not need to be a Mathematician to accept this.
The thoughts I am going to say here are outcome of a hard learning out of my personal life (details not needed) but this relates to business as well.
Starting a business is first step but to take it to next level needs significant efforts.
3M = Money, Mind, Mass: you need to put in right proportion, at right time, at right places to keep it going.
Often you succeed.
However there is always a possibility of unknown. This unknown could be small, medium, big or giant to stop you. And unfortunately when everything is going fine and you are near to achieve your targets you meet this unknown, the giant: a situation when everything is going good but all of a sudden everything put on a halt with a massive jerk.
You are in a situation where nothing in your hand, you think why this has happened to you, where you need support from someone who can rebuild your courage in true sense, when people start saying, perhaps this was not for you, when you are broke and all dark then what to do?
Right answer in one word is NOTHING in my opinion
Give yourself time and space. Get in the zone where if you want to cry there is no one to console you. Cry enough. If you want to laugh, laugh as loud as you can and there is nobody to share with you. If you want to smile give a big grin and there is nobody to reflect your smile. You are solo, you are both audience and speaker in your space. Cry for cry, laugh for laugh or smile for smile or just a deafening silence which is truly loud your ears cannot afford.
Of burden yourself. Stop blaming ANY for your failure. Take responsibility. Accept failure is yours. No you are not the culprit, you are the player and you are failed because you was in the playfield.

Only a rider can experience how much it hurt falling from a horseback, those who never tried will never know. 

Bravery is not in never failing. You are broke, you don't want to smile, you are crying, kick your ass and get up again. Seen? How do a baby learn to crawl.
There is no shame in learning. Keep trying till you stand up, punish your knees enough, scratch your soul, till you feel ready to take part in the game again. And right time to do this is now.

When you are broke there are two choices, move out or move on.

Move out is for those who play to win. Move on is for those who love to play. 

  • Move out is for faint hearted. 
  • Move on is for large hearts. 
  • Move out is for those who always go out and play with a week opponent. 
  • Move on is for those who love to play strong opponent.
Remember no opponent is stronger enough to defeat you up to that level. And when no choice are left I can say this was natural arrangement for you. If you believer in God you then the God was your opponent. Chance or Choice I do believe in God Particle.
Of course nobody play for loosing but only few truly like to sweat. 
When you are in a condition when sky has fallen on your head, sun stop shining for you, air stop blowing for you

  • Move out is cowardice.
  • Move on is courage.
    • Move on
    • Begin
    • Start slow
    • Rebuild....
    • Stay unsatisfied
    • Strive for more.
    • Put efforts your 100%
    • Accept the outcome.

Move on when everything was just happening fine and catastrophe happened, destroyed your world and you put efforts to save it as much as it was feasible for a human in your capacity.

Take the responsibility and move on.


Kick your ass, find the better you, take part in the game again.

Carry your memories with grace, humility and respect.


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