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Work hard but when

Work hard
Those are two words I grew listening with
As a young kid I used to think should I go forest and cut some tree branches, or like my Grandpa graze some cattle or like that uncle go farm. And if work hard is the key why not my dad go forest so we can buy and fly an airplane.
Perhaps small children think like that and think much freely, don't know though but I was like that.
Airplane dream never realized and when I joined a company I was told we want to be number 1. I didn't nodded even, just learnt CEO want to take company to No. 1 position, somewhere deep down I took that as a challenge.
The inner me knows I have an opportunity to invest resources and grow. I am in habit of enjoying my task so no big deal, I know I can try my best to work my way, results are not in my hands. What I can do is called work.
And being a physics student i know when we multiply force to distance we get work done.
That work could be hilarious, why not, laughing gas is there a result of work done by a chemical scientist.
But as Swami Vivekanand has said, when you do a task keep one hand on task other on God's feet. I am not a worshiper so best I can is put my one hand on task and mind to it, indeed I would leave my second hand in a safe place, free, you can say to attend a phone call or to reject a call when I am at work.
Many noted professionals like Ratan Tata, Richard Branson, ....... believe in smart work. How they do smart I never know, but one thing I am sure about they give equal importance to everything that matters to their life. 
Richard Branson find time to play Tennis, Ratan Tata has enough time to play with his pet dogs.
They always stay cool, calm, composed. And they work daily, work is play to them. From their I drawn, if you work at ease you are bound to perform, you will make mistakes and that is fine, learn, unlearn, relearn, never stop. Success is not a pinnacle. Remember to apply force in a direction and work will happen.
Don't give a massive push; slow, steady, in a direction with time. 
Take your task simply and seriously.
There is a famous quote in armed forces training, sweat much in peace you bleed less in war.
I had worked with a world class author who started writing his book when he was most comfortable in life, earning his salary, but instead of getting comfortable the man took sabbatical and started writing his book. And he became a well know author in academia, I won't name here.
I have heard about JK Rolling, Walt Disney, and many more but I was fortunate to land in those places where there is someone to offer me discomfort zone.
I am thankful to those people who has expected from a nobody, just an ordinary guy to become Number 1.
I am where in numbers I don't have answer, I don't know but if you are doing business or planning to do remember, sweat much in peace so you bleed less in war. 

That is quotation of armed forces I have no rights to reproduce or print but that is correct to all, and everyone should know a good thing.


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