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9 must contract clauses for freelancers

Freelancers are supposed like a machine that never get tired, do not have own life. Majority of business managers deals freelancers like that. They all are not wrong. For them what important is your work, they do not have human connection with you. Its directly give and take relationship. However, as a freelancer when you are about to sign a contract must include these points in your contract clause. If you client is serving a contract clause request to include these points in the clause.

1. Work description
Make a detailed work description point wise. What you will do. Best way to draft is listen your client and make sharp pointed notes. So your client and take agreement. Include this in the contract clause. This way you will delivery exactly what was asked not more not less. Also this will save you from trouble when a client suddenly want to change everything or seek to do more.

2. Pricing / Rates
Make your pricing clear, whether you charge hourly/monthly/weekly/project basis or any other way round, make it clear to client and include in the clause. Also includes discounts if you are offering any.

3. Payment Denomination
In general there is a 40-40-20 rule. That means 40% upfront during contract, 40% after first draft and 20% after final delivery. Also you can go for a 50-25-25 or some other way round as you and your client feel ok with. Also include the mode of payment. Never receive in-cash payment or payment before contract signed. Some clients make hurry in first payment, they pay small even before you sign the project and then take advantage of it. Make rules and stick to them.

4. Revisions.
One free revision, however, some freelancers also go for 2 or 3 revisions. However put this point in writing so you do not end up doing overwork.

5. Single Point of Contact
There should be only person who can contact you related this project and give instructions. Name the person in contract clause.

6. Hours of calls and limitations
Some clients are mean. Also they consume whole lot of time in useless talks. Mention in your contract how many time a client can call you and for how many minutes. And during what time of the day. Prefer email communication and telephonic only when its a compulsory. In email everything is writing. You will avoid unnecessary trouble and unwanted talks.

7. Withhold / Discontinuation Fee
Sometime in mid of project client ask you to stop work or entirely stop the project. If this happens make rule. How much you want if client discontinues mid way.

8. Copyright
Your work is your property till you are not fully paid. Get it signed.

9. Deadlines
Make a clear time line of delivery. If you are delivering in part or in one go put corresponding dates on paper. Keep lag time in mind. Suppose you can deliver a work in a week, then commit 10-12 days. If its a months, commit in 40 days and like. Timelines are very important.


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