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Why FAIL is so noisy

FAIL, FAIl, FAil, Fail, fail

When you fail, it creates deafening noise, for a moment it feels, your failure is the only news in the universe, people talk day in and night out about your failure and slowly noise diminishes.

Nobody cares how much efforts you have put in there to create that mess. You feel dejected, you feel rejected, you feel lonely, you feel ashamed. You feel like a culprit.

Often in the mist of hollow noises you forget to enjoy that failure point, you forget to celebrate that milestone and forget the fact that success is always next to failure.

If you won't recognize your milestone why others will. People wants fruits not trees. It is the you who dared to plant the tree give it ample time to grow. You wished for the tree not fruits and tree is there. Fruit is a by product of tree. Success is a by product of your efforts. You need to be whole tree and not only fruits.

Remember only a horse rider may fell down of a horse back.

There are two kind of people in this world, one who dare to take the first other who sit back and talk. The other category donot have enough brain to understand complex process of success. They never try and by criticising you and talking your failures they try to feel contained.

If you fail, those never tried for a thing try to observe that you are not different and they are unique. Talking about your failure give them a sort of self satisfaction. And believe your failure is not permanent but its a process or signal towards success.
However, joy of gossip mongers is temporary. They talk till they can and when you succeed they find someone else failure to talk.

When you fail enjoy the outcome, analyze the process and rebegin, rebuild. Why to bother if others are not with you.

Recently Chandrayaan 2 moon mission failed. Nobody other than scientific communities came out to congratulate team ISRO. Nobody said, Bravo, you reached 2.1 km closer to moon.

Noise crated for a day, suddenly everyone become space science expert. While scientists kept silent and got engaged in the analysis of whole process the sound of fail faded.

Why has seen worst failures other than Sir Thomas Alva Edison?

To talk 'fail' is easy and task of rascals.



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