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Why read books

Books are boring; 95% people will quote this. However problem lies within you and not in the books. There are books for everyone. Problem lies within you. You don't want want to read. If you say reading is a difficult task tell me how many books you tried?
If reading is not a thing for you then you definitely miss out on learning. And without learning you will never fail. Then you are always successful in your own world. Reading books propels you to take new challenges because you learn from the mistakes of others. Human mind is designed to ask questions. And to raise that question you need a point of reference.
Your minds tells you what you ask to it. That's why Theory of Relativity has taken birth. Reading is like a vehicle, you need to learn to drive on it to reach your goals. If one book seems boring to you, go library, search there, you will one that will interest you.
Books does same work to your life that chewing on a bubblegum do to your jaw.
In your best interests read books related to your field or read everything or read a thing that interests you. Some reading is better than no reading.
Its difficult, but its not undo-able; if that is thing every other task is undo-able to you.
Remember, how much it was difficult to ride on that bicycle, didn't you fell down first time?
How much difficult it was to make your breakfast first time in the dorm?
How much difficult it was to iron your shirts?
Until you not begin, you will never learn. Reading gives you life lessons for free.
All successful people since centuries have one habit common in them, 'reading'
Some were early beginners others did this latter.
Do you know Sir Richard Branson has learning disabilities and he is an avid reader. If he can so you can.
If you don't have a library or not sure what to read browse through Amazon. You will find many titles. Its one of the best resources for finding books.
Start reading, promote reading in your home and neighborhood so next gen may read better books and make this world better.
You may question, how random reading will help me if I don't have a choice
Mind is part of human body, sit on chair, ask your friend to tie your hand of hand-rest. Remain in that position for couple hours. Now ask to loose open. Would you be able to move your hand quickly? No. You will feel pain, or may be numbness, you will take couple minutes to move it freely.
Hand does its task better when its left open. You always not lift weight but when required you can do it because it was left open to hang, it has gained strength that way naturally.
Ancient human has discovered fire, made tools out of stones and houses to prevent self.
Now we don't have those kind of challenge, we are out of stone age, we are modern, we are nuclear capable, we explore beyond space. Lot of learning is already available out there. We need to learn old lessons and create new challenges for us. And all this will be possible through reading and loads of experimentation. Make reading a habit so you can ask your brain complex questions. If you ask question brain finds answer. 
Idiots read nothing; average read something; intelligent read everything.


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