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FotoJet: Best Free Online Photo Editor

You may know FotoJet is a versatile collage maker and graphic designer. Do you know it is also a powerful photo editor? With its handy tools, you can process high quality photos quickly. It’s easy to crop, resize, rotate and straighten, sharpen, vignette, radial & tilt shift and more. You can even use Auto Enhance to save your time. It is loaded with a wide variety of photo effects and filters that let you quickly fine-tune your image. At the same time, you can add text or clipart image to decorate your image.

Comprehensive editing toolset
FotoJet’s basic editing features such as crop, resize, rotate, exposure and color allow you easily create stunning, professional-quality images with a few clicks. The results are incredibly sophisticated while it’s simple to process. If you want more, go advanced options like sharpen, dehaze, color splash, noise, selective filter, etc. 

Numerous photo effects and filters
FotoJet provides a lots of photo effects/filters which were designed by professional photographers and designers, including Black & White, Sepia, Vintage, Chromatic, Lomo, Old Photo and Scene. Beside these 7 categories, you will see one called Featured. Those effects are the ones that the FotoJet’s designers think great. You may have a try. All the effects and filters can be superimposed. Try and save the final result you like.   

Add text to tell your story
Like its graphic designer and collage maker, FotoJet’s photo editor is built in tons of fonts and customized text layout samples for you to choose from. Or you can choose any of the fonts stored on your computer! When editing your picture, write some words to tell your story.